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Greer & Kirby Co., Inc.

COVID-19 Statement

Greer & Kirby Co., Inc. fully appreciates the seriousness of the pandemic crisis we are facing.

It is our belief we should all do our share to reduce the threat COVID-19 poses to the health of our nation.

We are in full operation, but in some areas our activities will be limited by the ordinance of law; and more

importantly our concern for the health and safety of our employees and the people we may encounter.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and working to develop new strategies and solutions to be

implemented in case our services are required. If you have any questions please reach out to your

nearest Greer & Kirby Co., Inc. office and we will be happy to discuss how we may be of service.

Please stay safe and thank you for considering Greer & Kirby Co., Inc.

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